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Friday, December 13, 2013

"My father is unemployed"

Lisboa - the answer to the question of a child by what dad is unemployed? It may be easier to explain with a story, according to a new Portuguese book collecting sad stories, but at the same time sweet for drama the crisis in the minds of children.

The Portuguese Irina Melo and Carla Jorge, author of "my father is unemployed," take the voice of a girl who observes how suddenly changes his life when his father loses work and begins to spend whole days at home.
Father and daughter can play more time together and now he takes her to school every morning, but his face when he returned to pick it up at the school already is not so happy: today neither he was called for an interview and it's hard to pay attention to the drawing he did that day in class.
"As we were writing, it was inevitable to talk about the negative, but we always resalt√°bamos the positive details, as that dinner time was now longer or vacations were fun even if they were not as before", says Efe Melo.
The concerns and fears of the protagonist are drawing with happy notes and episodes that simplify a reality sometimes too complex but listened and repeated on television with an inscrutable vocabulary.
In addition to unemployment, the writers, both journalists from economy, shelled other topics difficult to understand in childhood, such as debts, bills, emigration or social conflict, with the help of illustrations of the Portuguese Catarina Marques.
For example, a Saturday girl accompanies the father to a March in which all seem sad and angry: a demonstration in which they protest against the Government or, in the eyes of the little one, a slightly different party.
The girl lives the crisis in detail as that family is not going to the restaurant, or afraid the father returns to emigrate as it has already done so young.
Also, on a note of humor for adults, but without falling into the "ideological", according to the author, a character sneaks into episodes to bother the father: a "very rogue" cat that Spider you and bothers you, and named Gaspar, as the surname of the former Finance Minister Portuguese Vitor Gaspar.
The book, which is part of the collection "O que fazem you country" (what do parents) follows an optimistic line and ends with the same idea as other titles on professions: "my father is unemployed and I love it".
"In addition to explain the crisis, we wanted to show how the emotional bonds of family and friends are reinforced by difficulties," says Melo.
In a country like Portugal where unemployment has skyrocketed in the past three years to 16% and there are about one million unemployed, the social consequences of unemployment are difficult to hide the children, according to Melo, who adds that it is more advisable to give answers and questions.
The little ones are "very aware" of these economic difficulties and sometimes "more catastrophic" than the older, considered the author.
"We note that asked the children what would happen if his father lost the job, they responded that they would lose their home or remain without food. Children take to heart adult problems", he stressed.
In that sense, the book serves as a resource or tool for parents, since the story can serve as "unlocker", says Melo, for complicated talks to calm the confusion and dispel confusion of the children.
The author acknowledges, however, that the commercial sense of the work, which went on sale last September in Portugal in the Portuguese publishing house "Voar machine", is limited, since few will buy it as a gift for a friend or a relative.
No data yet on the findings in the libraries, Melo only refers to reactions that they have been receiving, above all, from people who want to explain to their children what the crisis or unemployment and requests.
"Most tell US that we are brave for writing to children on a very sensitive topic," says Melo

How to avoid that social networks diminish your happiness?

In the recent anosmuchos studies link social networks with stress, depression, or a general decrease in happiness, but this is not so surprising if you meditate on this. Many feeds of Facebook are flooded of status updates about parties, engagement photos, and many news as requests to close places where the animals suffer. It is not surprising that it is so difficult to have a 'zen' experience in social networks. But what can I do in this regard?

Some people think that deactivate your profile is the only ticket to the networks 'Nirvana', but this is not entirely true. The solution is not to throw the TV because it makes you gain weight, because in reality this is not causing this, but energy diverted along with the poor diet and little exercise.
A great example is the newspaper: when it arrives at your door each morning, does not come with a gun that forces you to read everything that is written, the same happens with the social content - are not in debt with the feed of your networks. Take control over what they want to read.
In the same way, there are things that can be done to adjust the way in which consumed content across social networks. These can be applied in some way to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google + or Pinterest.
It blocks your ex. While it is common to make connections, and even cyber bullying in social media, some ruptures must remain in oblivion.
Recognize what makes you happy, and find it for example, if you love turtles, then search for hashtags about them, images and publications related to them.
You can relax. It takes a bit of perspective. Social networks are a place where everyone is just what they want you to see. That Facebook does not cause you envy. Remind yourself that no one has a perfect life, even if their children are Ralph Lauren models.
It publishes only positive messages. In this way you will get something in return, it is a bit like the old strings in the emails, a little love, enough and no more will increase your state of mind.
Social media are impressive, only if you know how to protect yourself from the subjects to which you are sensitive.

Couple is getting married with Instagram

Elizabeth Wisdom published its account of Instagram, in June 2012, photo from a trip to the Crater Lake, in Oregon, United States.
A young, Denis Lafargue, said the picture and said that he had also been there. Thus began the story of this couple that just engage after sustaining a relationship they shared simultaneously via the mobile platform.
That first comment started an exchange of public messages increasing, until Elizabeth decided to give him your phone number. And in October, 2012 took a plane to New Orleans to meet Denis. They passed an "amazing" weekend, as had Elizabeth via Instagram. Thus began "out" and Denis named her its "instalady".
The relationship months passed, and at the end of June this year, Denis proposed marriage in one manner more than romantic. The young lover organized on the wall of a room a timeline with photos on Instagram they shared together and the messages that were exchanged in all this time.
After singing a song which he composed, he made the proposition and Elizabeth gave the coveted "I agree". According to the Buzzfeed page, since the young fans of Instagram are planning their wedding.

Is it true that pregnant women who snore have increased risk of caesarean section?

According to the study conducted by the University of Michigan (UM), the roncadoras are two times more likely to need a caesarean section operation.
Pregnant women who snore have a higher risk of birth by caesarean section and give birth to low weight babies, according to a study published in the journal Sleep.

Roncadoras Chronicles, i.e. which snoring before pregnancy and continue during this period are two-thirds more likely to have a baby that weighs less than 90 percent than other babies in the same stage of pregnancy and mothers who do not snore.
Also, according to the study conducted by the health system of the University of Michigan (UM), the roncadoras are two times more likely to need an elective caesarean section operation, added the study.
"There has been much interest in the implications of snoring during pregnancy and affects how maternal health, but there is little information on the impact that has on the health of the baby," wrote the lead author of the study Louise O 'Brien, of the Department of obstetrics and Gynecology at the school of Medicine of the UM.
The researchers found that chronic snoring is linked to younger babies and Cesareans, even when other risk factors are weighed up, and this indicates the possibility of examining the women by breathing problems during sleep that can put them at risk for poor outcomes in childbirth.
The study included 1.673 pregnant women enrolled in prenatal clinics of the UM between 2007 and 2010. 35 Percent of the participants indicated that it habitually snoring.
Snoring is a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a breathing problem during sleep that can reduce blood oxygen levels during the night and is linked with other health conditions.
A year ago or "O'Brien headed an investigation that showed an increased risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy in women who start snoring during pregnancy.
Women with obstructive apnea during sleep can receive help from continuous positive pressure in respiratory tract, a treatment that involves a machine that uses air pressure to keep open these routes while the women are sleeping.

Did you know that the most successful work will be obtained by the leaders' beta'?

Among its main benefits are that they work in a collaborative scheme and encourage diversity in their work teams.
It was common for those aggressive people, led outcomes which succeed in controlling and insist enmantener hierarchical model of organization, type of leaders who were in companies, those so-called 'alpha'.

Experts in business, as Dana Ardi, in his book "The fall of the Alfas", ensure that this change estainfluenciado on the Internet.
According to Ardi more successful work spaces in the futuroseran those who have a leading "beta", according to a new model of leadership.
Do you know what are the characteristics of leaders 'beta'? Here you say what are:
1 Get rid of the archaic models of control:
The winning startups of today have a horizontal, non-hierarchical scheme.
2 Practical control of the ego:
You must be aware of your own weaknesses and focus both in the present and in the future.
3 It drives innovation:
Encourage members of your company to play with their own skills, so that the entire enterprise is competitive.
4. Place emphasis on collaboration and teamwork:
The best teams are hired with the collaboration and the idea that the whole is far greater than the sum of the individual results in mind.
5 Create a shared culture:
The leadership must be fluid and flexible. Integrity and character matter much. Everyone must recognize the passion. Thus, the result seem more a Symphony Orchestra to an advanced army.
6 Be prepared so that responsibilities change all the time:
One of the big mistakes that entrepreneurs is that they do not act fast enough. Markets and needs change all the time. Beta is simply done in culture.
7 Shows confidence, but also compassion:
If someone does not conform to the corporate culture or is not doing its job, do change rapidly but with sensitivity.
8. Invites employees to contribute:
The successful cultures motivate their employees to refresh their knowledge and to remain flexible and creative.
9. It promotes diversity:
Entrepreneurs build teams, do not cover vacancies. The candidates from renowned universities are not always the best choice for your startup and may not be ideal for the job.
10. Do not all need to be superstars:
Become the sponsor of your employees and give them the training and training they need to perform their best performance. Use your time to listen to them and then provide them with what they need to succeed.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding dresses with low back

When we look for the wedding dress not only have to pay attention to her cleavage front, though of course this is extremely important, but we must also be careful to choose the perfect backless for us.

The wedding dresses with low back have a special charm. This we can see here features a beaded neckline corset type that makes it look much more sensual and delicate.
No doubt that is a beautiful decorative detail that will make the wedding dress and wear it look even more beautiful.

This second design wedding dresses backless is a much riskier bet because not all women are discouraged from it.
It is ideal for brides with personality who want to reveal their backs maintained throughout the year or you want to show off a tattoo with this body part.

If, however, your back is not too attractive, do not worry, here's a design wedding dresses backless for you:

This is a patterned neckline that reveals skin though, it does not completely so if you have stains or defect was not noticeable to the naked eye.