Javi Erare Alvelez: How to avoid that social networks diminish your happiness?

Friday, December 13, 2013

How to avoid that social networks diminish your happiness?

In the recent anosmuchos studies link social networks with stress, depression, or a general decrease in happiness, but this is not so surprising if you meditate on this. Many feeds of Facebook are flooded of status updates about parties, engagement photos, and many news as requests to close places where the animals suffer. It is not surprising that it is so difficult to have a 'zen' experience in social networks. But what can I do in this regard?

Some people think that deactivate your profile is the only ticket to the networks 'Nirvana', but this is not entirely true. The solution is not to throw the TV because it makes you gain weight, because in reality this is not causing this, but energy diverted along with the poor diet and little exercise.
A great example is the newspaper: when it arrives at your door each morning, does not come with a gun that forces you to read everything that is written, the same happens with the social content - are not in debt with the feed of your networks. Take control over what they want to read.
In the same way, there are things that can be done to adjust the way in which consumed content across social networks. These can be applied in some way to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google + or Pinterest.
It blocks your ex. While it is common to make connections, and even cyber bullying in social media, some ruptures must remain in oblivion.
Recognize what makes you happy, and find it for example, if you love turtles, then search for hashtags about them, images and publications related to them.
You can relax. It takes a bit of perspective. Social networks are a place where everyone is just what they want you to see. That Facebook does not cause you envy. Remind yourself that no one has a perfect life, even if their children are Ralph Lauren models.
It publishes only positive messages. In this way you will get something in return, it is a bit like the old strings in the emails, a little love, enough and no more will increase your state of mind.
Social media are impressive, only if you know how to protect yourself from the subjects to which you are sensitive.

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