Javi Erare Alvelez: Did you know that the most successful work will be obtained by the leaders' beta'?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Did you know that the most successful work will be obtained by the leaders' beta'?

Among its main benefits are that they work in a collaborative scheme and encourage diversity in their work teams.
It was common for those aggressive people, led outcomes which succeed in controlling and insist enmantener hierarchical model of organization, type of leaders who were in companies, those so-called 'alpha'.

Experts in business, as Dana Ardi, in his book "The fall of the Alfas", ensure that this change estainfluenciado on the Internet.
According to Ardi more successful work spaces in the futuroseran those who have a leading "beta", according to a new model of leadership.
Do you know what are the characteristics of leaders 'beta'? Here you say what are:
1 Get rid of the archaic models of control:
The winning startups of today have a horizontal, non-hierarchical scheme.
2 Practical control of the ego:
You must be aware of your own weaknesses and focus both in the present and in the future.
3 It drives innovation:
Encourage members of your company to play with their own skills, so that the entire enterprise is competitive.
4. Place emphasis on collaboration and teamwork:
The best teams are hired with the collaboration and the idea that the whole is far greater than the sum of the individual results in mind.
5 Create a shared culture:
The leadership must be fluid and flexible. Integrity and character matter much. Everyone must recognize the passion. Thus, the result seem more a Symphony Orchestra to an advanced army.
6 Be prepared so that responsibilities change all the time:
One of the big mistakes that entrepreneurs is that they do not act fast enough. Markets and needs change all the time. Beta is simply done in culture.
7 Shows confidence, but also compassion:
If someone does not conform to the corporate culture or is not doing its job, do change rapidly but with sensitivity.
8. Invites employees to contribute:
The successful cultures motivate their employees to refresh their knowledge and to remain flexible and creative.
9. It promotes diversity:
Entrepreneurs build teams, do not cover vacancies. The candidates from renowned universities are not always the best choice for your startup and may not be ideal for the job.
10. Do not all need to be superstars:
Become the sponsor of your employees and give them the training and training they need to perform their best performance. Use your time to listen to them and then provide them with what they need to succeed.

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