Javi Erare Alvelez: Couple is getting married with Instagram

Friday, December 13, 2013

Couple is getting married with Instagram

Elizabeth Wisdom published its account of Instagram, in June 2012, photo from a trip to the Crater Lake, in Oregon, United States.
A young, Denis Lafargue, said the picture and said that he had also been there. Thus began the story of this couple that just engage after sustaining a relationship they shared simultaneously via the mobile platform.
That first comment started an exchange of public messages increasing, until Elizabeth decided to give him your phone number. And in October, 2012 took a plane to New Orleans to meet Denis. They passed an "amazing" weekend, as had Elizabeth via Instagram. Thus began "out" and Denis named her its "instalady".
The relationship months passed, and at the end of June this year, Denis proposed marriage in one manner more than romantic. The young lover organized on the wall of a room a timeline with photos on Instagram they shared together and the messages that were exchanged in all this time.
After singing a song which he composed, he made the proposition and Elizabeth gave the coveted "I agree". According to the Buzzfeed page, since the young fans of Instagram are planning their wedding.

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